You are Hauling Dangerous Goods? ADR Spill Response Kits can help you comply with ADR


There are ADR regulations you must meet if you are involved in the transport of dangerous goods. Your Vehicles should always be ready for any leaks that are likely to happen in transit so that the driver, passengers and the public are protected and the environment is avoided. Carrying a specific ADR spill kit will help you to do this and make sure you’re in compliance with ADR rules.

It is also important that you understand ADR rules and that drivers are aware of the dangers caused by the transport of dangerous goods and are able to take steps to limit the impact of the incident. Find out more about ADR procedures and how you can ensure that you go below

What is ADR

ADR focuses on safety and the environment – caused by dangerous physical properties that? products and / or risks posed operated – before, during and after transport, as well as the safety of individuals and the environment in the loading / unloading of dangerous goods. So, if you are involved in the transport of dangerous goods it is important to follow these rules so that you are ready to deal with unexpected and hazardous chemical leaks.

The ADR legislation ensures that if dangerous goods you are importing a leak you have the proper knowledge and equipment to deal with the leak safely and efficiently. It protects not only the driver but also the public and the environment from the dangers of the transport of dangerous goods. Examples of dangerous goods mentioned in the ADR legislation corrosive, flammable, toxic and explosive liquids, as well as radioactive materials.

How can you make sure you go?

in the ADR Annex B: PROVISIONS FOR Transport, equipment and transportation, Part 8 Requirements for vehicle crews, equipment, operation and documentation, as measured by the criteria of the vehicle crew must meet the basic equipment needed to be available on each vehicle. By knowing the criteria and have the necessary equipment, you can ensure that you are prepared for possible leaks and you’re in compliance. Some companies provide spill kits specific for ADR compliance that can also help you make sure that you meet the ADR rules effectively.

ADR Spill Kits

The perfect response to minor incidents for each vehicle to carry the appropriate ADR Spill Response Kit is specially designed to meet the ADR regulations. ADR Spill Response Kits are designed to fit easily in a vehicle with some in the market, even among the mounting brackets and kit so that ADR Spill Kit is always in one known location. Spill kits are usually different Absorbents such as rugs, socks and pillows and some products to help with the safe disposal of used absorbent. ADR Spill Isolation Kits are also those and at least one drain seal so that environmental damage can be avoided in emergency spill situation; claims under ADR regulations. The type of drain seal with the ADR spill kit with different from each supplier, some companies provide single use drain seals can also temporarily sealed drums or tanks as well as drain leakage.

By knowing and understanding ADR regulations, and make sure you have the right equipment to deal with hazardous spill, you can make sure you are in compliance with ADR regulations and are definitely moving dangerous goods.


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