Writing Articles for Business Regulatory Compliance


Actually I’ve written quite a few articles online about regulatory compliance. It is a topic that is on the mind of every business person and every corporate executive. There is a whole industry built up around just training and go on a never ending incessant regulations that were imposed by the government store. Still, much of the regulations are written in legalese, and because they are dry, boring and they will literally put you to sleep, along with much of the training that is available on DVD or CD as part of a program where professionals can buy to maintain position and leave the industry.

Every industry has its rules, some much more than others. Some sectors of our economy are drowning in regulation, and forcing companies to offshore their business, and the killing of American jobs. I mention this is that online article writers prepare quality content that I have realized there is a right way and a wrong way to approach this. I know, because I’ve learned from experience, and has created articles that have not drawn very well or have much traffic, but I have also written articles on the subject, which have been repeated, again tweeted, and ended up all over the Internet.

Now then, to keep from sounding dry and boring, or put the reader to sleep as if they are sitting in the auditorium listening to someone speak in a monotone, you as an article writer need to free them up. You need to explain the problem, maybe say a quick joke or put everything in context, perhaps with a parable. The best articles I have written on this subject, and that I have the likes of which I have read with real examples of how business man got into trouble surprising because some rule that they did not know about, or some crazy

situation happened. You should never advise the business owner to break the rules or dropping regulations as irrelevant, even if they are too onerous, somewhat ridiculous, and very expensive. Such costs shall be established, and, of course, went on to the customer. It might also be wise to explain how important it is to keep the cost of regulatory compliance down because if companies raise their prices too much, no one is going to buy anything from them, and that’s how industries are dying on the vine because overregulation.

Something that officials sometimes do not understand, but something you should show business readers. Indeed I hope you will consider this and think about it.


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