Why judiciary Industry regulatory bodies fraudulently deceive consumers


As we grow up in America we are taught to respect the law and trust in our government. This is good, because most citizens obey the law, respect the law and that we can run a civilized society. Obviously, we live in the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind and it is good. The reason that we live in such a great nation is not because of any law or regulation over the industry.

This great nation has prospered because of great people, entrepreneurship, drive, liberty and the free market. We live in a great nation that has got to the top of the food chain despite overregulation and poor implementation of regulatory laws on industry. Every single week in the news is the Government Regulatory Agency, pretending that it has saved the day, by bringing a case against any company or individual that they say have been fraudulent.

But if we look very closely at each case, we see something very different. What we see is a government regulatory sending out press releases to over 8000 news companies, pretending their side of the story, the second if not just before they filed the suit. Meanwhile, the Regulatory Agency, which is supported by the federal government will spend unlimited amounts of taxpayers money to go after the goals they allege have broken the law and can not possibly have a trillion dollars available to them.

Often what we find is that small companies or companies that are being pursued, sued or put into question by government agencies is not guilty of anything at all. Rather, a common competitor who has strong ties to Washington, DC based Law Firm lobbyists could convince Congressman or Senator to put in a request to the supervisory authority of the agency to look into certain matters.

When regulatory agencies, starting issues, they are under increasing pressure to find something wrong or make matters helps the government to prove that they are right. Case workers and government regulators know that they have to find something wrong with the target company when the case has been opened. Otherwise they will not get promoted, or they could even be placed.

consumer has of course put their mind to television, and just know what they read in the news, and if the government says is going after someone who has done some kind of scams, the consumer believes that the government is doing the. Therefore, the Agency will be worthy, as it is to protect consumers.

However, you can see that in many cases, the entire event is a sham, and public relations departments of these government regulatory authorities are disingenuous, create fraudulent cases against innocent companies and wasting taxpayer money. Of course, they teach you this not in school. As a businessman for 27-years in many industries I watched it happen again and again and I am now if I want my competitors undertaken by the government – it takes just a few thousand dollars in donation to a major politician, and then a quick call from the one of caseworkers or politician yourself -. for them to attack rival my

In business, this is done all the time, but for consumers, they have no idea what is really going on, but now you know, and so I ask what you think of the government regulatory agency phone now? How much confidence do you have in them now that you know the truth? Probably about as much as I do.


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