Why Businesses need to start archiving email now!


communications is standard for many transactions in small business organizations today; However, many small businesses still do not have adequate procedures for storage dealings with suppliers, team members and customers.

In the past, I have worked for several organizations that took orders and export business for customers in the days when recording voice communications, the industry standard. For example, when there was a case of “sell” that was given on a particular holding and the customer is later back and said they intended to teach “buy,” banner could repeat to confirm in fact the order given, which took the series and any other information related to this business.

So, why companies today need to be archiving electronic communication?

Many transactions in today’s business are now done electronically. There are hundreds of emails floating around the Internet every second. Phone orders and other forms of queries to be a business has decreased while the number of messages is drastically increasing.

With this increase in electronic messages, the possibility of missing messages also increases. This can lead to customer frustration and loss of business. Electronic communications can also compromise confidential information and corporate secrets. Find and defending these problems is why companies today have a great solution for archiving all emails and retention plan for keeping these messages.

Compliance and regulatory legislation is now dictating that some lines of business have a policy of recording every email that comes into a business or leaves a corporate network destined for an external resource. With these new rules affecting many lines of business, it is important for businesses today have a strategy that is easy to use, robust and most importantly, safe.

However, the government or take the load should not be the main reason for you to look at a solution for archiving all correspondence coming in or leaving your business. As a business owner, you should keep your finger on the pulse of every bit of information circulating about your business. You need to have an interest in this. You need to be able to extract customer information, order, and communication string between one of your clients at any time. Your business may one day depend on this– when you are sitting in a court room justifying the actions of one of the employees.

All businesses require a record of transactions that are easy to download. There are many email archiving solutions available at all levels of the company, these are many different periods of storage, and there are ways that you can hire, ranging from a minimum investment of them are quite expensive. The question you need to ask as a business owner is this: how much would a man lost a contract or a lost purchase order cost my company? Once you determine this cost, you have a value for the storage of information. So the next step is a source of great vendor to provide this service for those customers by value.

Employee abuse of corporate email is at an all time high. Employees need to realize that corporate email is only common use. Make them aware that every email that an employee sends or receives in corporate email account may be their file and reviewed to ensure that all employees are using the corporate resource within the acceptable use guidelines down by the organization. An email archiving solution can help small business owners to ensure high productivity by serving as a reminder that corporate email account is only used for corporate communications.

There are many solutions on the market today that offer storage of emails from hosted solutions to business solutions that sit inside the corporate business networks. Each solution has its strengths and weaknesses and every business owner needs to evaluate which solution best fits their needs with the support of a trusted information technology advisor. Remember, your business needs drive technology you finally decide on, not the other way around.


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