When you can pay less than minimum wage?


under federal law an employer can pay newly hired workers under the age of 20 less than the minimum wage, but not less than $ 4.25 an hour, but only for the first 90 consecutive days of work. The increase in minimum wages clearly not affect this rate, the law specifies that it should be $ 4.25 and makes no mention of price increases compared to the federal minimum wage.

If an employer hires a new employee and pay less than the minimum wage under federal law, the employer may reduce hours of current employee or to reduce the current salary of the employee. The employer can not replace existing employees with new employees earning less than minimum wage.

Federal law also allows employers to pay only 75% of the federal minimum wage for students, apprentices and students. Paying less than the minimum wage under these programs, the employer must obtain a certificate from the wage and hour division. The certificate shall specify the rate the employer is allowed to pay. A student is a person who has not won a certain number of hours for this particular industry in the last three years, the employee may be employed at less than the minimum wage. This applies only to certain sectors it is not a clerical or office work. The student is enrolled in a recognized school and work part time as part of vocational training. The student is not allowed to spend more than 40 hours per week in combination class instruction and work. If the student is a minor employer has in accordance with the statutes that apply to children.

apprentice is an employee who is at least 16 years and as part of the work is employed to learn a skilled trade is within the guidelines established pursuant to 29 CFR § 520 201.

Full Time students employed by the school and the agricultural and retail can be paid 85% of the minimum wage, the certificates also specify the proportion of employer can pay. Students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week, except on holiday from school. It’s like the total number of retail businesses paid less than the minimum wage does not exceed 10% of the total hours worked by all employees.

Under federal law, employers may also be paid to disabled people below the minimum wage, the certificate is also required. Each state can enact their own statutes, but they can not offer less protection. Under California law, employers may pay less than the minimum wage, the California minimum wage rate is much higher than the federal law.

In California, students can pay less than the minimum wage rate for the first 160 hours. Salaries pupils and students are defined differently California law. For the purposes of California students wage law, a student is defined as a person who is an employee and has no previous experience or no similar experience. Students pay rate is not less than 85% of the minimum wage and it rounded to the nearest nickel.

California also allows for the payment of less than the minimum wage for children. A minor can be paid no less than 85% of the minimum wage rate rounded to the nearest nickel, and the employer is not allowed to have more than 25% of the total time allotted for less than the minimum wages of children. If the employer is a small business with fewer than 10 employees the most minor allowed is three less than the minimum wage. These standards as federal law does not apply during vacation periods

There is an exception for children who graduate high school. that minors who have graduated high school must pay minimum wages. Generally, the California minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage, and 85% of the state minimum wage will often exceed the federal minimum wage rate, but employers hire children need to be 85% of the state minimum wage is not subject to the federal minimum wage rate as there is no exception of minors under federal law. Under California law, the employer or the employee must obtain permission from the California Standards Enforcement division to employ people with disabilities and pay less than minimum wage.

Note that the minimum wage rules are subject to change and can and change without notice.


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