When it comes to eDiscovery, mail management is the key


It is not unlikely that one day your company becomes a party to the law suit. In the digital age, this means scrambling to collect data in a wide range of form-e-mail, instant-messaging traffic, Microsoft Office files, accounting databases, CAD / CAM files, websites, audio and video recordings and More- up to used in the discovery phase of the legal process. You will be asked to find this information, no matter where they live, whether it is managed or unmanaged storage. This task can be daunting. The cost of collecting information is often expensive.

With the recent regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), it is a new world harmony. Based on these rules, companies must have a clear policy on data retention, which allows management to quickly and easily identify relevant data for motion detection. If the company is a creditor in the law suit, it is necessary to publish an e-discovery company policy in his first meeting with the defendant after filing the case. This includes a plan to produce data within a reasonable time. If a company can not produce registered discovery for its own strategy, the company could incur substantial fines.

What makes eDiscovery projects even more staggering is the increasing amount of data a company produces. Research The Radicati Group in 2007 reveals that a typical corporation will generate approximately 4.3 GB of electronic data per user per year. And in 2011, is expected to grow to 6.7 GB per year. Much of this data is email. According to IDC, e-mail volume has doubled in the past 5 years to over 40 billion person-to-person emails a day. Moreover, the volume is expected to continue to grow over 18 percent in each of the next five years. The good news is that there are now eDiscovery solutions to ease the burden and cost summary electronic data. Spirinet offers e-mail storage, along with spam filtering and web protection, with her partner MX Logic. MX Logic Message storage, powered MessageWatcher®, can easily and effectively help companies to comply with e-mail archiving and electronic safety regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, and new federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

The fully managed email archiving service also helps to protect the company from the workplace compliance issues, including harassment, discrimination and illegal activities.

Does your company need a better solution for managing email? Spirinet Technology Services can help you evaluate the best solution for your business. For more information, please call us at 877-call-MSP.


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