What to look for in Outsourced Mortgage fulfillment services


As a mortgage lender, you can not find the results you are looking for when you spend so much time working in your business you have little time left to work on your business. If, as a lender, you are managing loan advances during the loan, you can not turn the focus to marketing companies or the development of your business growth strategies. Without new customers and expansion, you can not possibly get capital to grow and, without the funds to increase staff or internal resources, you will be stuck in a cycle of trying to keep your head above water without reaping the benefits of your work.

Loan beginning requires many steps. There are processing requirements, compliance concerns, after closing and fulfillment issues and bundling and investor considerations. Small lenders often do not have in-house resources to manage the life of the loan from the beginning to the secondary market, nor the resources or infrastructure to add this service to their existing business models. In addition, with the lending industry facing challenges my originations and the subprime fallout, and many small lenders have to close its doors, it is unfeasible for small and mid-sized lenders to increase the cost of the additional staff, software platforms and other infrastructure expansion. This increases the amount of work left to lenders and small teams support, and forces them in many cases to be jacks of all trades and master of none. Add pile every change amount of investor and regulatory compliance considerations, and you have a situation where speed and efficiency can not possibly be true because it is just too much to manage with a skeleton team.

So what is the best solution for small and mid-sized lenders who need reliable management onset flow, fulfillment and after the closing of their activities?

Find expert provider of mortgage fulfillment and mortgage processing solutions. Lenders need to outsource variable cost solution alternative that will not only streamline the process and allow them to switch their focus to fill their pipelines, but it will also enable them to reduce risk, errors and overhead in the mortgage business, but by responsive fluctuations in loan closing their pipeline.

Lenders outsourcing back office operations to a third party vendor management can access a lot of services and benefits, including multiple document system, fraud, compliance choices available to them that would not be practically managed or economically viable to maintain the in-house model. Industry leading outsource fulfillment providers engage in collaboration and cross-pollination with respected specialty vendors in the mortgage industry, allowing them to customize processes to reflect the unique business lenders. By helping them to meet the requirements of their investors and warehouse line providers, these vendors can ensure the best possible salability turn times for lenders.

“Titan Lenders Corp is founded on the principle that lenders should aggressively focus on front-end profit generator – origination, rather than trying to become experts in the implementation of comprehensive back office operations,” says Mary Kladde, CEO Denver based mortgage fulfillment and outsourced closure and post-closure services provider Titan Lenders Corp. “outsource solution reflects our decades of experience in mapping and perfect mortgage fulfillment process, as well as our co-development of intelligent technology that facilitates different business objectives lenders.”

Good provides outsourced mortgage solutions will be able to offer completely customizable systems that are tailored and optimized to integrate with existing processes your preferred business and compliment business model to increase efficiency, productivity and most importantly, profitability.

In addition, the expert providers will maintain current knowledge of all investors and regulatory compliance issues so that lenders can build their pipeline and bundle their loans with confidence, and trust important compliance issues of the experts who are on the pulse of industry and regulations changes.

Smart lenders know that to succeed against the big names and to survive in the industry to be more competitive and rules every day, they need to partner with a professional third-party outsource mortgage service providers to increase loan security and compliance, streamline their processes and increase their productivity and growth.


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