What is Social Compliance review?


Social Compliance Audit is basically a corporate buzzword that covers a wide range of ideas, the most obvious is to ensure employees are treated fairly (but this is not the only one).

idea of ​​Social Compliance Audit, or corporate social responsibility is a relatively new, but has been with consumers who want to ensure that their products are made with full regard and processes involved. This has been a major problem in recent years, as companies outsource production to China and other third world countries, where laws on environmental protection and occupational safety and health protection are no worse and is considered the best practice guidelines at best. The most famous case in the news recently participated Foxconn factory where Apple products are made in Shenzhen, China. A total of 15 employees committed suicide because of insufficient working wages and the promise of insurance money for families if they were to die. Foxconn responded by building networks outside the windows to prevent the fall, as well as global pay rise of 20% for all employees.

Again, this is just one example of a global problem which highlights the importance of social audit. Indeed, the problem is not just confined to third world countries – recently issued plan of Channel 4 in the UK highlighted a number of factories within the UK itself that were illegally employer Indian workers on the part of the national minimum wage and inadequate living conditions, producing clothes for resale prominent high street retailers. Companies can no longer ignore their social responsibility to be a vessel for social change

A Social Compliance Audit further comprises :.

– child labor, checking proof of age and whether “young people” (15-18) do not exceed the hourly limit for schools and shifts.

– forced labor, check if the company does not have a monetary deposit to be given a job, or not to keep the money to force the continuation of the work.

– Health and safety standards, such as protective equipment and emergency procedures.

– Freedom of companies

– Discrimination and harassment monitoring

– sanctions in place

– Check the illegal confinement, physical beatings or fines levied.

– hours and renumeration

I hope to give you an idea of ​​some of the methods involved with Social Compliance Audit . You can find out more on this website.


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