What are the requirements for becoming a notary?


A Notary Public shall be considered official. Powers and duties are defined by state law. A notary public, aka “Notary” has the power, in accordance with the state of Tennessee, “to give oaths, take depositions eligible parties to bills in Chancery, and take affidavits.”

A Notary may take approval and certify inheritance documents or recognition instruments but the notary is not allowed to create documents. It is my understanding that this was practicing law without a license

When you see statements like “A Notary may make formal protests negotiable”, you need to read that way -. Notary can not create documents or add words to them. There is a lawyer.

Having been a notary and Certified Mobile Signing Agent for over 7 years, I feel the definition of the best player in the “Notary” is someone who confirms the person (s) identity and witness (or recognized) signature document.

first step towards becoming a notary is for you to go to your local county clerks office in the county where you reside legally and pick up an application form. In most counties, you have the option to go online to get the application. You can search online for a term like “county” and “term” notary public “to find more information.

Cost is $ 19 and the period of commission is four years. You must be at least 18 years old and a legal US citizen. You must also live in the county where you are employed, have no criminal record, not a member of the military or the legislature of the state or nation and you can not owe the government any money.

It may sound like a lot, but it is the basic material for the average, lawabiding US citizen. Contact the county clerk your specific information.

I hope this helps. The main point I must let you know that is usually a one-hour project work to apply and get your Notary Public Commission.


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