We do not need more regulation, we need more snilli- of regulators – Consider this


It seems that when there is a problem on the market, the first thing we do is to teach entrepreneurs, businessmen and industrial capitalists. Recently, we have been even teach capitalism itself and the free market, it’s image there, this is a huge mistake.

You see, the way we do this is the right call for more regulation and there is always a podium pushing politicians willing to declare that they will solve the problem by increasing surveillance, something never works, but for some reason it always keeps the mindless masses restless and vote for the politician who best plays the blame game.

We do not need more regulation. What we really need is regulating our regulators. Furthermore, we need fewer regulators who have never been in business for or participate in free markets, and we need more supervisors who have come from the private sector and understand how things work in reality in the real world.

It is unfortunate but often true that regulators think they are solving one problem, when in fact they are creating two more; this is nothing more than the law of unintended consequences, and if so, how the voting public are well served by all these shenanigans?

Even a congressional hearing on the regulations is nothing but a spook the market, caused the stock markets to go down, and create fear, turmoil and lack of confidence in how we do things. All too often, regulators will control based on what a politician tells them to do, or how to display spins public perception.

In this case, all we do is to appease the population that probably do not understand capitalism anyway. You see, only 10% of people living in our society have their own small businesses. And only about 1% of people living in our society are set by a managerial position or manager of a company.

We need to draw on this percentage, 11%, of those who understand this. And we need more regulation of regulators who do not understand free-market capitalism. We have to realize that every single turn create more rules lead to more regulations on top of it and so on, making us less economically viable. Finally, we have so many rules and regulations that no one knows for sure what they are as they vary from industry and they are implemented haphazardly or not, and then all of a sudden.

No company can plan for the future based on that, no company can assess the future earnings of their way, and their need to purchase capital equipment or more people. If no company can plan ahead then no company can succeed to the best of their ability to generate profits to expand their businesses.

This is why our economy is hurting right now and until we fix this problem we control our regulators, we are not breaking any speed records, and we climb out of this recession. Please consider this.


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