Using Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Management Software to drive continuous improvement


Environmental, health and safety compliance management software is used to capture and manage a variety of important regulatory information and data. This data may include rules demand project management, remediation information, accidents and incident information, chemical and hazardous materials information, industrial hygiene exposure assessment data and environmental emissions and release information. Often the reason for capturing this data to meet or meet any regulatory requirement, but companies choose to implement and maintain compliance management software solution should take a broader view and look at these systems for driving continuous improvement in their organizations.

Types of continuous improvement

The types of continuous improvement that can be gained from the fact analysis of data capture consistent software are many. Continuous improvement projects can result in the following benefits:

  • reduction in the time needed to complete regulatory compliance projects,
  • elimination or reduction of the use of hazardous substances or materials;
  • reduction of accidents and incidents
  • reduction in accordance violations
  • speed time to market for new products,
  • increase in employee participation,
  • increase in community goodwill; and
  • many others.

Questions to Ask

When choosing compliance management software solution, the selection team will need to consider and answer some important questions. These questions are:

  • How many people will have access to the system?
  • What level of access will they need?
  • How scalable system will need to be?
  • system will be multi-facility?
  • system will be multi-country? Vil interpretation and globalization be necessary?

After answering these questions, the selection team should then develop a table that any user specifications and requirements. Each one should be defined as a “must have,” “nice to have” or “not necessary.” Keep in mind that if you are an international company, the selection team should individuals outside the US Once the basic requirements have been compiled, the product information can be accessed, and on-line demonstrations can be scheduled. When you view the demonstrations, ask yourself: “Is this the type of information that can help drive continuous improvement in my business?” If not, you should consider another solution.


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