Top 5 Keys to cure Interface Dilemma In Electronic Medical Billing and EMR Software Systems


Billing and claims management services and health care systems help control the rising cost of health care and increase overall administrative efficiency. The wider the scope solution more benefit it returns to practice. The most significant coverage increase in recent years is the addition of an integrated electronic medical records (EMR) solutions, which is the heart of medical practice IT value chain. The comprehensive nature of EMR strengthens personal and administrative information of the patient, medical history, prescriptions, treatments and conditions. Its ability to implement such data collection at the point of care lifting benefits of plain recording patient encounters to useful decision support.

The most important element in any system is the interface to other systems, and particularly, the human interface. Usually, EMR makes three kinds of input, ie, typing, dictation, and point-and-click templates. Most doctors choose dictation over typing and point-and-click templates for convenience and time efficiency.

Although the choice of dictation over typing is obvious, recent technology advances and regulatory pressures beginning to make point-and-click templates excess dictation.

Dictation and Transcription

Medical Transcription saves time compared to handwritten notes or typing. It fits intuitive work style doctor, the power of personal expression, and it is easy to order using a phone, PDA or voice recorder. Human transcriber or Voice Recognition Systems write on dictation for medical notes

But the formula has many flaws :.

  • Incomplete. If the notes are not taken immediately at the point of care, it is too easy to exclude important information.
  • Animals Processing. Report generation with unstructured data is much more time consuming and expensive.
  • Withdrawal access. It typically takes 12 to 24 hours chart reversal.

Note incompleteness is important disadvantages dictation and transcription for comprehensive Medical notes are the key to survival for the payment of insurance review.

Point-and-click templates

A point-and-click templates presents a range of data elements, navigation systems, and point-and-click process for capturing information patients. The doctor suggests simply click and select the appropriate choice when the system fills out a complete record of your choice, which makes up the resulting meeting notes. Such structured approach offers many advantages:

  1. Compliance. Structured data ensures integrity notes and avoid missing important information. It increases the ability to generate clinically useful reports, such as appointment reminders or disease management.
  2. Customization. doctor defines the template structure to exactly match the workflow of the job.
  3. Lower error rate. Standardization input preclude errors or omissions spelling.
  4. faster decision-making. Similar observations have similar comments, resulting in consistent decisions.
  5. Immediate access processing. Since notes are created within the EMR system, they are available immediately upon completion.

However, the point-and-click data entry also has several disadvantages, including

  • Complexity. It takes more effort to the notes with point-and-click templates than just writing or dictating.
  • Data Entry Time. may take too long to go through all the necessary templates in front of the patient.
  • Cost. As each job has a different workflow, template customization can be costly.

The added complexity of point-and-click templates is clearly justified by the insurance exhaustive, which is key to regulatory compliance and the ability to live on credit review. The entry data exchange can be reduced too by allocating the lion’s share of time comprehensive data on the first review and limit the documents the flexibility to consider updates only on subsequent visits. Structured nature of point-and-click templates are naturally conducive for such suspension priorities

Although some doctors will know convenient and easy -. For better performance, the recipe must be seen as inferior part of the connector array of modern EMR system, complementary click-and-point templates. Modern physician office automation technology combine both billing and EMR functions and provide both kinds of interfaces improve both effectiveness and efficiency in the practice workflow. Powerful Vericle-like technologies also facilitate rapid customization point-and-click templates, tweak the interface to medical EMR system, providing added degree of regulatory compliance, and reduce by credit review


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