Too old to drive? Seniors who do not seem able to see or function sufficiently under control


How old is too old when it comes to driving? When is it time to old to give up their driving privileges?

83 years old my grandfather was running almost until he died. Had it not been for the sudden head injury caused by a fall he took at a convenient store that led to a stroke, he might still be driving today. Pop-Pop, as I affectionately called him was retired Lt. Colonel of the US Army. He was wonderful with people, loved and was loved by all.

Unfortunately, the tender heart of my grandfather suffered from degenerative maculation, which adversely established his ability to care for and off the road. I remember watching him open the safe in his local church, where he was head of financial secretary. Pop-Pop wearing glasses also use a magnifying glass to be able to see the numbers on the lock, he would turn to access the box.

One afternoon Pop-Pop came home with a sizeable ding in his car, which he later told me was caused by a huge bright pink trash dumpster in our neighborhood street. He thought it happened while he was fiddling with his radio. A few months later, Pop-Pop was brought home by paramedics in an ambulance after the accident that occurred just outside our subdivision. He stopped his car and nearly killed in the process when he pulled out in front of an oncoming vehicle.

To illustrate my point, consider April Fools joke I played on my grandfather. Pop-Pop was born April 2, 1919. It just happened that I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles on April 1 of the year before Pop-Pop died. I had gone to renew my license. When coming home (as I lived with my grandparents at the time), I ran in the wash room where Pop-Pop was shaving.

I told him, “I went to the DMV and renewed my driver’s license today.” Pop-Pop said, “Yes.” I said, “Yes, they saw my email and I realized I lived with you and that you want to come down and take the eye exam.”

Pop-Pop’s real quiet and suddenly froze on me. I then happily relieved him by saying, “Day April Fool!” He caught my breath and said, “. Stinker You”

my grandfather died in December 2001 just before Christmas. He had been driving up to two and a half months before he died. Funny (or scary for some) his driver’s license, which I later found in his wallet after he died, was dated to expire in 1996.

I wonder how many more senior citizens driving on expired licenses?

Pop-Pop drove in faith see as I often jokingly say. My prayers seemed to have covered him real well.

I love seniors deep. I really do. But I love the rest of humanity a bad place with bad poor saw their driving too!


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