Tips for Occupational Health and Safety audits


Occupational was first introduced in Australia in 1956 when a magistrate ruled that employers had a responsibility to provide a safe place to work. Employers have a duty of care to their employees, as well as employees to be responsible and following safety set in place. Effective Occupational Safety and Health system means a reduction in deaths and injuries workplace. For the system to be effective it needs to be put in writing and in addition to the health and safety Manual, the next step is to conduct an audit.

An Occupational Health and Safety Audit is a selection of food that are undertaken to determine the effectiveness of management systems within the company, and it identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the security. Review will then focus on and prioritize areas where there are opportunities for improvement. An Occupational Health and Safety review should be a matter of course in all companies, and they can be done by a professional who will come in and evaluate workplace, or basic food can be carried out internally. Review different standards and employers can gain self-insurance license so they can complete a security audit themselves.

Basic Audit

If you conduct basic security audit within their own workplace you need to look at how each job is performed within the company, and think of the Occupational Health and Safety issues within each job. Things to consider are vehicle traffic stop pedestrian traffic areas and whether it is appropriate icon. Are there areas with dangerous equipment display proper safety signs and not visitors know where to report when they come? You also need to consider what emergency procedures are and where staff will be meeting. Other things to consider are whether personal protective equipment is worn by employees, how the products and equipment should be stored and handled, whether the processes are put in place for process and equipment use, if the work area kept tidy and if staff receive appropriate training to do their jobs its safely. Workplace inspections should also include fire protection, lighting, building security, debris removal, machine safety, electrical safety, safe use and disposal of chemicals, ladders, first aid, dangers office and state work vehicles.

View safety report Consultant

audit can be carried out with Safety Advisor. They will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the workplace and after the written report will be issued with notes about what needs to be done to improve safety.

Compliance Audit

Compliance Review is a special audit undertaken to determine whether the work is meeting legislation requirements. The danger looked determined by the workplace environment as well as information taken from all relevant data damage and industry input. Results indicate if compliance is achieved, or whether further improvement is required to meet legislative standards.

Hazard specific audits

This type of review has a narrower focus that looks at the effectiveness of policies in dealing with certain risks. This may include such cases and test work methods or working heights. This type of evaluation to be conducted every 12 months.

Management System audit

A much wider Occupational Health and Safety review, it looks at the structure, planning, procedures and assessment issues and areas and tracking.


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