The Secret Basis harassment


When referring to harassment, you think sexual harassment, right? And in recent years, sexual harassment charges filed with the EEOC have been an average of 5,000 / year. . Not insignificant

However, charges race harassment EEOC sent more than doubled in 1990 – from 2.849 in 1991 to 6.616 in 2000. Thus far in this century they have plateaued at about 6500 / year – 30% more than sexual harassment

But relatively little attention is given to this more frequent basis harassment. Even EEOC (really) have recovered harassment with sexual harassment. [For example, until recently, the only reference harassment on their home page was sexual harassment.]

And we have found that many employers have only sexual harassment policy, and perform only sexual harassment prevention training.

our Secret , the …

Address all form workplace harassment.

Until you grasp this Secret, the organization vulnerable to the most common basis for harassment charges!

So, what is racial harassment? According to the EEOC

racial harassment is a form of race discrimination that includes racist jokes, slurs, offensive or derogatory comments, or other verbal or physical conduct based on race or color of a person

Although quid pro quo would not be here, the conduct would create hostile environment . And it is difficult to imagine a situation where such behavior would be welcomed

And let’s not forget other bases harassment, such as age, disability, religion … and the third most common basis for EEOC charges .: nationality (approximately 2500 / year).

There are demeaning terms, stereotypes and jokes for every nationality (or almost any other indexing people). We have all heard them used, often on television, and all too often in the workplace. Many (if not most) of the break EEO laws; and all break it should be the standard for acceptable behavior in the workplace :. respect

And it is even more sexual harassment than most people think

The. The extent of illegal harassment

In addition to sexual harassment between male and female employees in the workplace, illegal harassment also includes:

  • employee harassment outside the normal place of work is also covered if it is employer sponsored or encouraged the event, for example, meeting in a restaurant or bar, business conference, training or team building functions, etc.
  • Employee harassment of or by customers or vendors are also covered. And do not forget your temps, contractors and part-time employees.
  • gay harassment is covered. Here we are not referring to sexual orientation. Rather, harassing behavior (which has sexual overtones) with someone of their own gender, such as sexual teasing and jokes, impugning their masculinity or femininity, etc.
  • rules also apply to race, religion, age, national origin, disability, etc. That is, any status protected by the Civil Rights Act or other federal, state or local laws.
  • Sexual orientation (eg homosexuality or bisexuality) is not protected under federal law. However,
    1. It is protected by several state and local laws! As a rule of thumb, if you work in a major metropolitan area, sexual orientation probably is protected. Check state and local laws to be sure.
    2. also discusses the strategy of many employers. If your employer is a company in any state, county or city – which prohibits discrimination or harassment based on sexual orientation – this provision is likely to be included in the policy. If so, it applies to your workplace, the same state or local statutes.


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