The Lemon Law in California – Useful information


How do you feel when you spend thousands of precious dollars to buy a new car and found a few weeks later that the vehicle is faulty! Disgusted and frustrated, right? However, you have a way out of the situation if you know and take help from CA Lemon Law or the California Lemon Law. You might be surprised to know that these songs can help you get a defective vehicle or place you might even get a full money back! This may sound easy, but in reality it is not so. The CA Lemon Law implementation is complex and you would need the assistance of attorneys who specialize in CA Lemon Law to help you out of the situation.

Be that as it may, it is always beneficial if you know more about this important law, designed to protect the consumer, before you buy a new or used vehicle. Knowing more can help you get the right dues, if things go wrong after purchase.

But what is CA Lemon Law and what is its purpose? This law is part of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act designed for the sole purpose of protecting consumers against loss of money if he buys a defective car. The CA Lemon Law mentions that if you find that you have purchased defective vehicles, the manufacturer or his representative is likely to affix blame if his inability to do so after “reasonable” number of attempts to make, he should either switch vehicles with a new one or refund the value of the vehicle.


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