The Importance amortized Policies and Procedures – Part 1


This is the first of a two part article on the importance of written policies and procedures. In this article, the author discusses the written policies and procedures are important in order to meet and satisfy the needs of the business.

Are there written policies and procedures very important? Why do we need them?

I came face to face with these questions when I was starting my career in internal audit five years. I tried to answer these questions as honestly as I can by creating a list of all the possible reasons that written policies and procedures are important. The result was a page-long list. But I noticed that when I go down to the bottom of the list, the items listed begin to lose meaning and value. Aside from redundancy and overlap, some records really mean anything.

By process of elimination, the list was reduced to a few key reasons that actually point to the bottom of everything. Some of the basics are as follows:


One of the main features of any established organization’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Regardless of the size of the company, it is required to follow the tax laws and other state regulations.

Written policies and procedures provide a framework of internal control system organization. Because they record the processes involved in planning, they provide the tools to measure compliance with the rules. When you perceive difficulties obey company rules, the point in struggling to be effective and well suited to the tasks of the Agency. As soon as you identify problems with compliance within the organization, then it is high time to file your processes and procedures to ensure that your staff will prioritize compliance with laws and regulations and cardboard.

Meeting business needs

How affiliate management procedures of the Centre to meet the desired objectives? Not all business processes show success by being visible and transparent? What is the tone at the top

written policies and procedures ensure that all players within the organization are properly account management ?; the conversion process is applied consistently to achieve the objectives; and that communication is allowed at all levels for the processing of all data and information.

For example, if regular improvement and / or development of new product lines are paramount to business success, it is only right that you manage the sales and marketing cycle so that claims capture of customers can be translated to the new design product. These new innovations should be properly recorded so that all interested parties can view them. They ensure that the main activity is applied and implemented consistently by the entire organization.

Compliance and meet the needs of the business are just two of the most important causes of written policies and procedures are important. But this is only half of the story. Part 2 of this article will discuss risk management and continuous improvement.


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