The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act


Collection agencies – a goal one can be an unpleasant experience. Nevertheless, the unpleasant experience should never extend so far that you are being harassed, lied to, or have a privacy invasion. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, the law was designed to protect you from unfair and illegal activities of collection agencies and describes the rules collection agency must follow when trying to collect a debt. Here are some of the ways the Fair Debt Practices Act protects you

Collection agencies can only contact you at sensible hours and must not cause undue interference in your workplace. This means they can not call you late at night and if the employer asks that they not call you at work, they must stop. Moreover, the collection agency can only communicate with friends or relatives to make sure your contact information and will never reveal to outsiders the nature of their business with you.

Collection agencies can not use harassing techniques to collect debts. They may not resort to cruelty, abusiveness using impolite language or otherwise engage in activities that would be considered unprofessional. They are also against the law to lie or make false statements with respect to collecting debts and have to be clear about the amount of debt at the beginning of any relationship. They must always properly identify themselves to you and can not threaten you. If you have any questions, they should do their best to answer them in a professional manner. Always remember that collection agencies are paid by their clients – organizations hand they are collecting debts. This means that they should never collect a higher amount owed to the company they are working for.

Law states that collection agencies help debtors to understand their rights in the collection. If you believe you have not been informed about your rights, or the rights have been violated, you should contact the authorities and a formal complaint against the organization in question. Be sure to record all conversations with them and keep a record of all correspondence to back up the claim of harassment. Knowing your rights in the case of a collection agency, the bank is important, but make payments on time is by far the best solution to a collection agency problem.


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