The DoD5015,2 Directive and DoD Records Management


In 2002, the Department of Defense issued a directive that 5015.2 STD implementing new DoD Records Management Program, which would guarantee transactions and ensure their preservation. The Department directive that embrace eDiscovery, most effective way to restore the electronic messages and data to date for use in civil and legal matters.

eDiscovery is integrated in the Records Management Application software used in DoD, the efficient management of all data in the league. The software is used in accordance with the requirements of the management of classified information as well as freedom of information and privacy laws.

It makes legally extract data that can provide valuable leads research.

eDiscovery is very efficient, providing not only the exact data as it was sent, but also exactly when it was sent. The DoD 5015.2 clear all files stored must have the ability to date and age recognition, same-century and multi-century formulas and leap year calculations. The system allows to store years in 4-digit formats.

Electronic Data, which includes e-mail, text, images, files and any other digital format, is stored in coded form that can be decoded when information is missing. The greatest advantage of using eDiscovery is to preserve the element where DoD records can be stored indefinitely.

In addition to this, the DoD 5015.2 Directive ensures that files are visible, accessible and understandable. This is done by automatically storing all the records in a standard form that uses rich metadata to describe the context of each transaction. The system allows DoD meta-tagging, changes in the current meta fields and mapping data fields transfer over standard fields format. This is in accordance with DoD move to wider dissemination of network-centric information.

software allows recovery DoD records from islet databases and storage. Before bringing this system, data retrieval was a difficult task that took a long time, often making it difficult to access vital information that can be used for LEGALIS purposes.

Although eDiscovery retrieval system is an absolute genius in access to information and management of data, it is structured in such a way that the information can not be accessed by just anyone. Only authorized people have access to all books, each file section has a unique ID. Each part of the name is associated with the company’s share and a higher level part of his identity.

It is an effective means for DoD officials to monitor all sensitive information may have been shared in the course of duty.


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