State regulations are preventing intrastate commerce?


Many companies and professionals can not understand why they need a license for each state? For example, a real estate broker can only sell real estate in the state they are licensed, the same with a financial planner, the same with mortgage brokers. Why is there no “national license” for these professionals – why do not our laws throughout the game, as we are all in the same country? Recently, mortgage broker, looking to expand their business asked Business Think Tank

Why can not a realtor or mortgage broker have a national license when conducting business across state lines? We are bound to create more business and revenue nationwide. Is it possible that states have become too powerful and prevent store?

The answer is, yes, this is a real problem for all small businesses. Personally, as a former franchisor, I agree with the rules in the United States are such that we act more like the United countries, rather than the United States. In this way, at least for me, it’s sickening, this is not what our founding fathers intended that they wanted the state to be strong, not isolated.

plan was rather these states enjoy synergies scale, create your own business our block and allow this to make us strong so that we could protect ourselves, but at the same time providing internal business strength and unity. In fact I’m sure of it, because after being the franchisor I created only in franchising system, it works. And well, Lincoln was right when he said the preservation of the Union was paramount.

When the songs and put up barriers where each state makes it difficult to do business in them, it hurts efficiency and competition, which means higher prices for citizens and a lower quality of life for everyone. So, yes, yes, state regulations are preventing intrastate commerce?


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