Sarbanes Oxley – IT Professionals and IT Consulting scope of work


Because the Sarbanes Oxley Act so focused on the financial aspects of business, IT consultant is often left wondering if there is any scope Sox performing work that requires the services of IT experts.

In this article I will outline how the professional can make a major contribution to SOX compliance project, and how you can go about looking to SOX-related jobs and boost your IT career in that direction.

First things first. Sox is all about internal control over financial reporting. And we know that a high percentage of, if not all, financial data is stored, processed and managed by a variety of computerized financial system. Here is where IT professionals who have a strong background in computer security and information system of checks with sufficient understanding and appreciation of accounting will gain an advantage in landing the Sox job.

In other words, the terms of such supplies, General Ledger, audits, Credits, the Accounting Cycle should not scare you. You must be an individual who has intimate knowledge of financial application system. And you had better be good at communicating with the relevant officers of accounting, internal and external auditors when it comes to dissecting the control measures now in place and how to add to or maintain the status quo.

illustrate the sales process. Sales transaction into the system. Are you able to identify the elements of the system that authenticates and only allow those with the necessary privileges to enter the post? Do you know what happens next? What tables are updated? Are you competent enough to produce a trace file shows logging of the transaction itself, and relevant updates debits and credits in the right accounts? Can business be changed? With who? Where are the data processes? And so on.

From the previous paragraph, it is very clear what tasks need to be performed on your part. Show this ability compelling, and the job is yours. Your ability to analyze internal and external risks in the computing process is a valuable asset that everyone Sox implementation teams need. It is so hard to find individuals who are sufficiently skilled in finance and information technology, so this is a chance to break into the market. Competition for these job roles is definitely there, but supply is limited.

We come now to the way you can search for vacancies. Go to and search for the word “Sox” – it’s that simple. is usually more effective than because of its focus on technology-related opportunities. If you want a job that is accurate, then try to add keywords such as “go” or “IT management” or “implementation”.

Finally, there are all kinds of IT experts, the Sox brand is only one of them. Are you one? Answer yes if you are interested in business processes and financial issues. One more thing -. Sox implementations involve a lot of back and forth communication between the different parties, so make sure you are up to the task, too


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