Responsibility for accidents caused by young drivers


There are 18,000 young drivers in California who are injured or died from injuries vehicle every year and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the statistics on teen driving is rather confusing, youth nine times more likely to participate in a vehicle accident than adults twenty-five years and older. When teens involved in a car accident, most of the time it works exactly the same as if you were involved in a car accident with adults with insurance companies assess the damage and pay if the guarantee, but there are exceptions, where parents can be held liable for driving their children.

One common occurrence is when a parent is to allow the teenager to drive unsupervised on the student or other conditions of license that allows them to run only when an adult is in the car with them. If parents allow their teenagers to drive behind the conditional license that requires someone else to be in the car, they could possibly be responsible for the actions of the child, if they participate in a car accident, because it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child travel with a licensed adult driver.

Another example of when a parent might be responsible for the actions of the child in a car accident is when they knowingly or unknowingly allow their child to get behind the wheel drunk, or providing easy access to alcohol, where the child can get drunk at home and then get into the car, causing an accident. Sometimes, parents can be held liable for failing to prevent the accident, because they allow their children access to alcohol in their home. Each case is different, so the number of drunk driving attorney to find out if parents could be responsible in your case.

If a parent knowingly allowed them to operate a motor vehicle, knowing that their child runs through negligence or not yet competent driver, they may be responsible for the cost by accident. It is the responsibility of the parent to know when your child is ready to drive, and to take measures to correct bad driving, or restrict a teenager driving until they are competent behind the wheel. Again, this will take into account many factors and lawyer is best equipped to determine and verify this responsibility.

There are other factors that determine whether or not the parent is responsible for an accident between you and your teenager if you have been involved in a collision of this kind you should contact attorney Emery Brett Ledger, a qualified car accident lawyer and has over ten years of experience dealing with cases just like yours. You may be entitled to compensation if you were hit with teen drivers, including medical, repair bills and ongoing medical treatment and possible compensation if the parent is considered to be responsible for driving their teens.


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