Real Estate Law Degree – What is it and is it for you



What is Real Estate Law Degree?

The practice of law has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Today, real estate lawyers work in a diverse and complex business, from simple residential house purchase commercial projects.

This test is a mixture of law, business and dispute resolution. It will prepare you to deal with issues outside the law school, understanding how the law dealing with the tax, corporate, and environmental law. You will be faced with issues such as labor, housing, urban redevelopment, commercial leasing and exercises, and energy conservation. It will prepare you to deal with business when the economy is booming and when it is not.

What can I do with this type of law?

Real estate lawyers provide clients with advice on the purchase and sale of assets, financing and development, contracts, investments, environmental compliance, and asset management. They help clients public zoning restrictions necessary to proceed with the project.

With this type of law degree you could work in law firms, companies and public institutions. You may work in large companies, building and planning departments of counties and municipalities. You may also work for companies, business development or business title. If you decide to work alone or in very small company, you will most likely focus on residential. In this work is to work together with insurers title, brokers, environmental lawyers, litigation departments and bankers.

You would spend much of the day making documents, review them, advising customers and credit terms. A Business Law Foundation and negotiation skills are important for success in this area of ​​the law.

Courses and Curriculum

Most students begin their study with a basic introductory course, trade and finance. After this introduction, of course, would be exposed to courses in finance, mortgages, mezzanine loans, bond financing, leasing, acquisitions, mortgage foreclosures and governmental law.


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