Ready-To-Use IT-GRC Compliance Framework


IT GRC defines the secure perimeters for corporate processes and activities to ensure effective compliance to effective management, risk and compliance allows the company focused on its core purpose. Business environment is challenged by several issues that companies face difficulties in managing increasingly costly compliance requirements. Complex and fragmented risk management systems do not provide ideal security solutions company seeks to protect the important and critical role

Compliance -.? Why is it the responsibility

Companies adopt various frames go to meet internal and external requirements. This results in accumulation compliance silos, affecting budgets and workflow efficiency. Several activities audit carried out manually, introduce erroneous results due to disorganized system, and continuous attempts lead to higher costs. With limited understanding of compliance and low visibility take the position of the units, organizations are forced to seek advice from external resources assessment, monitoring and compliance.

A comprehensive knowledge of compliance regulations that foster the deployment of effective action is necessary to survive in a fiercely competitive world. And these organizations need to IT-GRC solution that can centralize, streamline and automate their compliance and IT risk management functions.

fight Compliance-related issues

Automatic cloud-based compliance management software can meet different requirements of compliance and reduce overall management costs. And so the frame is a must for all IT companies. Such software can help to prioritize IT risks according to their impact on the business and provide endpoint visibility with centrally managed control. It provides integrated compliance framework that can be adapted to meet any regulatory framework.

Features of Effective IT GRC Framework

  • It can be configured as the regulatory requirements of the company, and it works and external automatic compliance scanning as an aid in the risk assessment.
  • With automated control facilities, the software can detect areas lagging behind in line for improvements to the process of implementation. It controls portfolio management, audit and compliance management, vulnerability scanning, reporting, alarm management, controlled user access and workflows.
  • It provides a central repository for easy access, the consolidated position of vision and remote monitoring of data management.
  • The compliance program, supported by a vulnerability scan engine, can detect advanced threats, identify threats from insiders, accelerate incident response, assess the impact of the incident, own and control the content.
  • cloud deployment services simply reducing total cost of ownership significantly.

Increasing security threats IT environment needs to be handled in a single and comprehensive way. Integration and alignment of governance, risk and compliance activities can provide for the security control so that all conflicts, gaps and wasteful overlaps are eliminated. Automated, integrated and compatible framework capable of handling all security management complexity, can apply high returns without increasing costs, and thus lends a competitive edge.


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