Private Space Flight to Get regulation


The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed several new rules for Space Flight believed to protect people. It appears that the FAA has some more ambition to control the entire galaxy and the universe. Maybe they are just getting warmed up to be Inter-Galactic Regulatory Agency all 13-gauge Space Time continuum? And if so, no one should be surprised.

With the incredible success Burt Rutan with spaceship One can see some 38,000 people who have paid deposits to get on a waiting list to go into space for about $ 200,000 a pop. It seems a shame that the FAA prefers to control the fledgling industry so quickly, before they even know if there will be any problems. Ronald Reagan once said:

“If it moves, tax it If it keeps moving, regulate it, and if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

wise statement indeed. My question would be are moving to pay off privatization and commercialization of space next brilliant move by the FAA? We can not put anything past them based on previous destruction of the general aviation industry in our country as they turned most of it over to the lawyers who sued many companies out of business, based on the rules and regulations of the FAA and paper’ized. Think about this in 2006.


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