Personal Injury Lawyers – 5 Questions You Must Ask



1) Do they have experience in the type of accident?

This is the single most important question to ask any personal injury attorney. They must have experience in the type of accident. The law of victims injured in car accidents are not the same and victims injured in a slip and fall accidents and victims injured in the product defect accidents. The insurance companies have different lawyers that they use to defend themselves for each accident type who are experts in the field. You need a lawyer who has the experience and legal knowledge to represent the type of accident. When it comes to personal lawyers, one size does not fit all.

2) How much knowledge they have on your specific injury?

You need a personal injury lawyer with medical knowledge to represent a particular type of injury. A broken arm is much different than a head injury. Your lawyer must understand the short and long term effects of the injury. Insurance companies will have lawyers and medical professionals trained to scrutinize specific injury and immediate and future medical needs. You need a lawyer with access to medical professionals and the ability to make sense of complex medical terms associated with a particular injury devices. Trying to nail down exactly what makes a lawyer you are talking to qualified to handle your case and your injury.

3) How many times have they gone to trial?

The answer to this question is extremely important for complex legal case of wrongful death, paralysis, product and premises liability, and any mental or physical damage that will require long-term medical care. Insurance companies will almost always take these cases to trial. They will not be on the hook for expensive, life-long costs associated with this type of injury. Personal injury lawyer should have adequate trial record that allows insurance companies and their lawyers know that they are not afraid to go the distance. If the attorney you are talking to is not experienced trial, find one that does.

4) What is the highest verdict or judgment in their path?

Trial experience is only worthwhile if it is productive. Lawyer who constantly goes to trial and loses is just as bad as one who never goes to trial. Make sure your personal injury attorney wins case and has legal experience and medical knowledge to make juries understand the true cost of accidents. Remember that the expenses incurred in the investigation are sent to you and contingency payment to the lawyer usually goes up if a study is necessary. Make sure they have the resources and the ability to come out of the courtroom with high judgment in favor.

5) How long they had been practicing law before they solved the first $ 1 million of the issue?

This may sound like an offbeat question, but it is very important when it comes to finding a qualified personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, some lawyers only in business to the first settlement offer that comes from the insurance company. The answer to this question is impossible to know whether the attorney you are talking to is serious about hand clients if they have the ability to take on new challenges and learn, rather than, literally, settling for Easy Money From routine cases.


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