Over Regulation Killing Small Businesses and Franchising


More and more people want to own their own business, but the government obviously does not seem to want it. It’s pretty obvious when you look at all the obstacles, forms and regulations that small business people have to deal with. For example, in our company we have orders, simple business model and franchise this with great demand from our customers. Piece of cake right; you want.

But it should be easy, since they are really simple and basic elements of a good business, but you should see our latest UFOC-Uniform Franchise Offer Circular, pre-sales documents disclosure required of all franchisors . It is 210 pages including exhibits, audit and contracts. It’s totally nuts. Think about it, we are in the mobile pressure washing business, wash the stuff right? And we make arrangements for others to use our system, we have all mapped out and the right person for the program it works; even if someone does not follow the plan suddenly it’s our fault.

So we are forced to be autocratic, to make sure everyone follows the rules so they do well. Otherwise they turn their story and come up with some convoluted variation on the events occurred and sue us? When it was in fact those who do not follow the plan. Now think otherwise would attorney representing the culprit who made up the story always care about right and wrong? No they would be filing an entrepreneur because that is where the money is? The lawyer is in business to seek relief if the creditors are in the complaint. See the problem for entrepreneurs?

There is too much regulation directly to the officials and too many are litigious lawyers. If America could fix this one problem our economy would take off and keep the air in a century without these bogus business cycle. Should we cull all lawyers and lay off all the officials? Hard to say really, but something must be done. So consider all this in 2006.


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