OSHA Safety Training – Construction


Safety training within the construction environment is important to the business and more important for the welfare of workers. As long as the health and safety rules are properly followed, the construction can be secured regardless of the high fatality rate. There are three main concern for construction companies to pay close attention to the falls, electrical accidents, trenching and being hit by vehicles. If these areas are focused on employees as a deadly workers will pay more attention than in this situation. Total construction fatalities rose by 9.1 percent in 2004, from 1131 in 1234, which reinforces the need for proper security awareness and training.


Falls are the most common work-related fatalities in the construction field. In 1999, an average of 362 deaths due to falls in employment. Many construction sites have unprotected opening is could cause a serious decline. If the drop is more than six feet to the next lower there should be some kind of protection. If dangerous drop is the result of no wall on one side or all sides of buildings, companies should build guardrails on all sides where employees could easily fall. When working on a construction that requires a sentence or replace roofs, the best option is to implement a safety net under the roof. This will easily catch all falling from losing balance. Suppose the job site is located on the very building, effective protection gear would fall arrest system. Fall arrest system stops up to 1,800 pounds of force. Other implementable methods are: evaluation of the new construction before work starts and protect all existing holes, cover the holes as soon as they form on the website; Could gathering hole guards to keep workers, equipment and materials. Companies should put into practice covers the holes and use either guardrail, safety net or personal fall arrest systems together

Electrical Accidents

There are five main reasons why electrical incidents occur :. Work on power lines, lack of ground fault protection, ground travel is lost or broken, improper use of equipment, not using the extension or flexible cord properly. When starting a new job or continue with the old, there are many precautions to follow. Survey each job site and recognize the cost of power lines and do not come within ten feet of them. De-power lines when working near them. Set up warning signs near buried and visible power lines. Use ground fault circuit interrupters on all 120-volt, single phase, and 15-20 amps containers. Make sure that all power supplies, and electrical circuits are built. Regular inspection system to ensure that the path is constantly built. Never take off the protective prongs from connected equipment. Always work with a double-insulated tools and ground all metal parts of the equipment. Finally, make sure that every employee has been trained on how to use the equipment properly and is in operable condition.

Hit vehicles

Over 75% of struck-by fatalities are caused by heavy machinery and equipment. To avoid vehicle related accidents one should follow these procedures: always wear a safety belt; search for other vehicles for each shift; Never drive if you can not see out of the back; only drive the vehicle to a safe terrain; never copy a lot while people are close; always use the parking break when you leave the vehicle; view breaks regularly; never carry the vehicle capacity; and using traffic signs, barricades and / or flaggers while construction is in progress. If the first list is followed on an everyday basis, construction injuries and deaths could be significantly reduced.


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