New York Lawyers


All lawyers in New York have to pass the bar exam includes multiple-choice questions and essay questions. On the exit bar, will apply to the Appellate Court to seek admission to the bar and, after passing the interview with the nature and Fitness Committee, one can practice law in New York. It is necessary for the New York-based lawyer to be aware of the disciplinary rule of the Code of Professional Responsibility. Under New York law, a lawyer who knowingly participates or engages in false, fraudulent or perjured testimony is subject to discipline rule. Every lawyer is obliged to maintain the honor and integrity of his work.

There are many lawyers in New York. Some lawyers specialize in one type of law or in a particular department, but other lawyers handle a variety of matters such as personal injury cases, bankruptcy cases, cases, real estate, insurance cases, family cases (adoption, divorce, alimony) and many more. It is mandatory in New York lawyer to represent their clients zealously, ethically and with due regard to the law. In states like New York, it could be very difficult for a person to find a lawyer who is devoted to the needs of the client and works in ethics and respect. The easiest way to find a lawyer is to get referrals from family and friends, or to search the Yellow Pages or online file, or contact the New York Bar Association. As the New York City Bar, if you consult with a lawyer because he or his family is injured, there is no consultation fee.

According to the survey, the highest law firm in New York Wachtel, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, Cravath, Swaine and Moore, and Sullivan and Cromwell.


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