Morality Or Compliance: who is the



ethics committee … two sides of the same coin, or different currency?

One topic that drew an unexpected response to a recent social media sites related differences with respect to compliance and ethics. Many companies have been officers and ethics officers, and often they are the same person, but both functions are not the same. Compliance officers are usually lawyers, and this is because they are worried about the legal aspects of operations of the association, as well as the actions of individuals representing the organization. Keeping things on track according wise is relatively new job classification and growing over the past 10 years

The same applies to ethics officers -. The position that has grown in numbers over the last decade. I see both of these jobs working in concentric circles. While the officer is concerned rules and regulations and operate within those limits, the ethics officer is likely to be concerned with how certain behavior of the institution and its employees can do harm, even if there is no law has been broken.

To explore this further I doubt respected compliance / ethics officer of the company, I had the pleasure of working with some months back; I asked him if he would offer his views on compliance and ethics and his reply follows:

“Simply stated, ethics is an internal intangible that drives us It is a value system, or lack thereof, that guides us when. we make decisions in our day to day operations. Compliance is much clearer cut. Compliance is about following the rules ,. It is the policy, regulations set out in law and internal documents drafted consequences for violating the policy and rules may result in discipline up to and including termination. Often there is no analysis related to intent. If you break the rules, there will be consequences. Ethics is about personal values. I heard an expert say, either you have ethics or you don ‘t. Maybe the rules and regs are for those who do not mind they live in. The staff will do everything to get where they need to go, need structure in place to stop them from crossing the line. Companies that incorporate culture of ethical behavior, get employees to follow the rules n ot just because they have to, but because it is the right thing to do. “

goal, I believe that a successful business today is to maintain a workplace where ethical behavior is the norm, where employees are supported when they act with integrity, and that other problems become relatively rare. One balancing act, as I see it, when both functions are controlled by the same office to keep up with the implementation and not compromise things like ongoing ethics training that allows employees to make good decisions. After all – the moral power of labor should lead to fewer headaches compliance department


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