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Many individuals and businesses have the need for the commissioner for oaths to witness the signing of documents and swearing. Often the manager oath not just called Commissioner of oaths. However, two key points when commissioner for oaths are usually what’s manager vows and what EVP charges oath? The Oxford Dictionary describes Enska manager oaths as “solicitor authorized to administer an oath to a person making a statement.”

However, this definition somewhat misleading as it suggests that only Solicitors are commissioners for oaths. This is not the case with the following functions able to perform the functions of the Commissioner for oaths

* Notary Public

* London Notary

* Solicitor

* Barrister

* Legal Executive

* Licensed conveyances

The fees charged by the Commission oaths determined by law. The following fees recommended commissioners for oaths (Fees) Order 1993/2297.

* To take a statement, declaration or affirmation, for each person £ 5.00 to do the same.

* And in addition, for each show it referred to and needs to be checked or £ 2.00 for each plan needs to be checked.

Commissioner for oaths charges VAT where payable. However, Notary Public, London Notary or solicitor may charge fees that are higher than the statutory amounts and it is necessary to seek a fee quote in advance. Also decide how Notary Public will be expected to pay, as some Notaries will ask for payment in advance and often cash.


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