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These days there are numerous legal obligations to corporate e-mail, websites and even business stationery. In this article we will guide you through some of these requirements

-. Business stationery (hard copy and electronic)

For limited liability companies and limited liability partnership company name should be clearly stated in the email on websites and printed stationery such as bills, invoices and notices

The following should also be business letters , order forms, websites and email legs :.

o place of

o registered number

o registered office address.
o If the company is wound up that also needs to occur

Bits can help you automatically put these legal requirements email your feet


Business stationery requirements (Companies House)

Email legs and disclaimers (

– distance rules

Consumers who buy by mail, telephone, fax, internet or digital TV have increased rights. You must give them a cooling-off period during which they have the unconditional right to cancel the contract.

In the case of services, the cooling-off period usually ends seven working days from the day the order was made – or a written confirmation of receipt of

In the case of goods, the cooling-off period usually ends seven working days on the day the product is received

There are various exceptions to this .. you can find in these helpful guidelines from business Link and other information for online merchants

-. Disabled access websites

law that business websites must be accessible for disabled users. While there are ethical and commercial reasons for this is also a legal reason: If your site does not meet certain design requirements, it is possible that you could be sued for discrimination

How likely is this [19459003?]

So far some companies have faced legal action, however, the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) did action against two companies both settled out of court.

It is expected that the higher- profile test case will be launched against not comply place and clearly this is a battle that the company will want to avoid. We recommend that if you have taken a new website that do exist are well aware of the legal requirements for disabled users. . It is also important to see how compatible you are now

More information from

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Disclaimer :. The above article is not a complete list of all legal requirements for the company and should not be used as a substitute for professional legal advice


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