Internet Fax and Maintenance HIPAA Guide


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created stiff safety requirements for medical and personal information about patients. All persons responsible privileged medical information not only face the threat of strict fines if they are found in noncompliance with HIPAA, but they also risk financial responsibility associated with lost, stolen, and misplaced medical records. Security and safety of all medical records is a big part of HIPAA legislation, but is also an important tool in the management of a financial liability by preventing legal action in connection with the misuse of private medical information. An Internet fax to processes to meet HIPAA regulations and can help protect the security of medical records.

Internet fax are some measures of security to fully comply with HIPAA and can meet all four security associated with their standards. Make sure that you have chosen has taken steps to ensure HIPAA compliance website.

The first section of HIPAA, administrative procedures, creates specific requirements that all medical information handling must follow. HIPAA requires that records of all communication between patients and health care professionals need to make, save, and be in a way that is accessible in the event of legal inquiries where the information will be relevant. An Internet fax allows access to data of all fax communications, and allows you to store digital information for the purpose of future review. When looking for a provider, make sure they have rules to maintain all customer information and correspondence to be in accordance with legal regulations and facilitate possible and necessary legal research.

HIPAA also requires physical safe guards for medical information regardless of format, media or location. An Internet fax system provider should use industry standard fire system to prevent the loss of information due to fire and smoke damage. They should also have offsite backups to ensure complete duplicity and loyalty information. To protect medical information from theft and damage, Internet fax system should also provide security to prevent unauthorized access. Use standard industry protocol, providers can meet the requirements of HIPAA is physically safe guards.

Section 164.312 (e) (1) of HIPAA transmission, more safety regulations are put in place. A quality Internet fax provider will have to take measures to meet the integrity control and encryption requirements HIPAA to protect data transmission security. This level of security should be equally applied to all means to get the system.

Access to Internet fax system by phone should be particularly limited by using pins to create an added layer of security. Email delivery of voice mail and faxes sent over the Internet to protect with password encryption to secure that fully complies with HIPAA regulations. Internet access faxes should be controlled with passwords and encryption and rely on industry standard security protocols and security certificates to verify and ensure reliability.

Being HIPAA compliant requires that the system provides a particular service or technical security to protect data fidelity and security. The Internet fax system should have RAID-5 to protect data loss, failure of storage media. Battery backup should be available for servers Internet fax and help to meet the standards that require data loss prevention measures to protect against power failure. As HIPAA, security each server must be maintained and secured to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Internet fax systems provide physicians and healthcare with the tools necessary to meet and exceed HIPAA standards, protection of privileged medical information and records. They provide a secure system to store and transmit personal health information. HIPAA regulations stipulate that it is the responsibility of doctors to verify the safety of all data and file management system used, making it important to examine all options to ensure the safety and security of data. However, some Internet fax providers also taken steps to ensure quality security systems so that they can help the customers covered by HIPAA maintain compliance.


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