Identifying hazards in the workplace


safety and health at the workplace should be addressed just as production and all other aspects of the business. The Board shall evaluate the work environment, identify specific tasks and all associated risks every job. A health and safety study should include a review of employee work habits, use of all hazardous chemicals, physical risks of using dangerous tools or equipment. In addition, specific standards applicable to the type of operation, such as mining, construction, oil drilling, etc. should be consistent.

The objective is to determine where of and how employee is likely to be injured.

as much information as possible should be gathered current working conditions, and the potential damage that could be attributed to the use of

  • Chemicals (toxic, flammable, corrosive, explosive)
  • Electrical such as shock / short circuit, fire, disturbance, loss of energy

    Ergonomic (strains) issues that could lead to injury

  • Excavation accident since the collapse of dirt or walls explosion chemical reaction, the pressure
  • drops due to unsafe conditions cause slipping or tripping from the floor or flat passages
  • falls due to poor handling, uneven surfacs and exposed ledges
  • fire or heat causes combustion
  • Mechanical problems resulting in chaffing, vibration, material fatigue, body parts injured
  • Noises cause hearing, inability to communicate, increased stress
  • Radiation from x-rays, microwave ovens, microwave towers for broadcasting or wireless technology
  • Injury from falling objects or projectiles
  • injuries on the body of tools such as screwdrivers, hammers
  • Fluctuations in temperature resulting in heat stress, heat exhaustion or hypothermia
  • visibility problems due to poor lighting, barriers resulting in injury
  • weather phenomena such as rain, snow, wind, ice increases the risk

After evaluating the work, all current injury and illness prevention program should be assessed to identify areas that are working well and those that need improvement. After all the facts have been gathered, the next step will be an action plan for the development of an effective security program

safety programs designed to reduce work-related injury or illness are concerned :.

  • promoting and rewarding safe work
  • Reducing injury and illness at work
  • eliminating death in the workplace

An effective security program is to protect the most valuable asset of :. Its employees


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