How government regulators are crippling growth in the United States


Most people believe that business rules are put in place is made as to help the consumer and the public from unethical business people and for fraud. Well, it turns out that many people who work in the government really believe this, as most of our patients.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most regulations in the industry and satisfy the customer is put there because one particular business wanted to stop their competitors, and wanted to have a monopoly in this field. Therefore they call a local politician put their political campaign they are stable funding, and explain the new law or regulation is needed.

And when a citizen or consumer group complains about a particular industry or a particular corporation, the company sent their lawyers over to participate in the rulemaking groups said in our government. They make sure that whatever methods they use in their business will be new standards, and someone to do it any other way should be implemented and managed.

The more consumers complain the better it is for the company because they come directly to all the rules and regulations that they are making in our government. Consumers think they are doing everyone a favor by getting more rules and regulations of the company, but all they are really doing is to prevent competition in the market from a startup company that could compete against the big corporation that has been around for a while and has all the right political connections.

For all the people who think they are doing good are used by people who are doing unethical things. And all rules and regulations are manipulated by unethical people, against good business people.

This is how government regulators are crippling growth in the US, stifling competition, and it is also how consumer are making things much worse than they ever dreamed. It is often amazing to me how these people have not figured this out, Adam Smith warned us of this more than 200 years ago. Wake up people.


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