HIPAA Compliant FTP Site Hosting – Protect your business


Many business owners are familiar with the security FTP Hosing offer. FTP, File Transfer Protocol, is primarily to upload files via the Internet for safe storage and the ability to share them with specified users.

Users can upload files to a site, log access, passwords, and login information to users and sharing files they need to share.

FTP sites allow users to create any number of folders and accounts. They can connect any number of users and load as many large files as needed. The process is really fast and easy. FTP has absolutely no restrictions on size.

Unlike email and even digital file transfer, FTP file size limits are set by the user and the needs of their company or organization. Users select the size of the site they need, from 600 MB to 100 GB, choosing the number of accounts and users needed and as the business grows, users can expand the capacity with the click of a button.

In addition to FTP file sharing to be very secure, and unlike digital file transfer, FTP hosting has no time restrictions. This means businesses and customers can access their files when they need to and from anywhere. Digital file transfer files disappear after a certain time.

When the FTP Site Hosting services to share files, are always available files. They are always secure. And they are always safe. Comparison FTP hosting providers, traditional security measures such as encryption, backup and firewalls are important, however, it helps to look for added HIPAA complaint exist for the best security.

What HIPAA compliance to provide business owners?

HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act , 1996, was created to establish a set of standards for the protection of certain health information. HIPAA documentation is great to say the least. Compliance includes administrative procedures, business, education workers, and other fields.

When the FTP Site Hosting Provider takes extra steps to being HIPAA compliant, users can be sure that important and private documents of, and documents their clients, are protected at the highest level

  • Users can be sure that their data has complete integrity -. the quality of correctness, completeness, health, confidence and consistency with the intention of the authors of documents.
  • Users can be sure that the systems and procedures have been put in place to ensure that their data will always be 100% available. That means no down time and no risk to clients and customers not being able to get access to their data when they need to.
  • Users can be sure that all files, regardless of their content and nature, are 100% confidential. That means the only one who has access to the account holder and any designated users. Password and user ID needed to access files.
  • Comparison FTP hosting providers to store and share important files, documents, and customer information take the time to find a provider that meets your budget, storage needs, and finally your security needs. This means that the provider takes the extra step to ensure HIPAA compliance -. Perfect in the proceedings privacy policy

    When you search for HIPAA Compliant FTP to store and share confidential date, the best way to find one is by going to http://www.google.com and search with the terms “HIPAA Compliant FTP Site.” Some HIPAA compliant FTP sites are www.HIPAAcompliantStorage.com


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