HIPAA Compliant FTP Hosting


FTP Hosting – summary

“File Transfer Protocol”, commonly known as FTP, is a reliable protocol to exchange large amounts of digital information from one computer to another. FTP hosting technology has simplified file transfer process through the Internet. FTP hosting comes with two components – FTP Server and FTP client. In addition, each FTP user will get a unique FTP account with a username and password. Regardless file type and size, FTP account holders can upload files to the FTP server through FTP account. Similarly, FTP account holders can download copies of downloaded files from FTP server.

FTP hosting provides complete security in our exchange process. Only authorized account holders FTP is browse and open files. Furthermore, you can restrict FTP account to other FTP account. Irrespective of business volume, companies need to transfer files over the Internet. While it’s true that the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) provides the facility to exchange information Internet but because of its constraints, FTP became popular worldwide.

FTP Hosting for health

In Medical Transcription or other health care, medical records stored and exchanged in digital format. The growing need to exchange large amounts of medical records and files over the Internet allows health care providers to use File Transfer Protocol as an alternative of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. After the introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, enhanced guidelines drawn FTP hosting. All types of health services, which store and share medical records and reports on the Internet falls under the Act and must follow HIPAA regulation of business processes to ensure quality of service and security of digital medical files and reports.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly known as HIPAA, has established rules to protect the health related electronic information. Impact of HIPAA rules apply to all types of health care institutions and support services. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, all health care organizations and support should maintain the necessary security measures to protect personal health.

Medical institutes and support services prepares and stores health information about patients in digital form. Based on the requirement, these digital reports are exchanged from one computer to another over the Internet. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ensures complete security of digital information containing health -. Secure storage system and secure sharing of digital information on the Internet

HIPAA Compliant FTP Hosting

Growing Importance of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in the health sector has given birth HIPAA compliance FTP hosting. The goal HIPAA compliance FTP hosting is to protect unauthorized people accessing digital heal information or medical report

The following are some general features of HIPAA compliance FTP hosting :.

  • HIPAA compliance FTP servers are considered very secure data centers.
  • The system will automatically create and run several threads to transfer digital medical records from one place to another. This is known as Multi-thread File Transfer and makes the process faster than normal File Transfer Protocol.
  • HIPAA compliance FTP hosting service comes with a 128-bit transfer encryption. Digital files are transferred in encrypted form. There is also another process – symmetric or secret key encryption, which encrypt files and upload them to the server with a unique ‘key’. The system stores the encrypted data in HIPAA compliance FTP server. Only authorized persons who have the ‘key’, can apply encryption digital medical report from the server.
  • Like general FTP hosting services, methods of uploading and downloading digital medical records are user friendly.
  • HIPAA compliance FTP hosting services allow users to apply FTP services with existing firewalls.
  • Unique user name and password for HIPAA compliance FTP account holders.
  • HIPAA compliance FTP hosting restrict anonymous FTP account holder access to the server.
  • Some HIPAA compliance FTP hosting provides the ultimate security by using the “intrusion detection system” and other security tools that are compatible with all types of operating systems.

Advantages of HIPAA compliance FTP Hosting

The main advantage of HIPAA compliance FTP hosting data encryption. HIPAA compliance FTP hosting services will encrypt each data files in separate pieces of data, which are known as “key”. You need to use software xTyFTP the process of uploading medical records FTP server. The software will encrypt digital files on your computer and provide a ‘key’ to the authorized user decrypt.

HIPAA compliance hosting services will store encrypted files in the server. However, if unauthorized users access files from an FTP server, he / she will receive an encrypted form and content will remain hidden without the right ‘key.

Apart from data encryption, which is considered the core feature of HIPAA regulations HIPAA compliance FTP hosting service requires secure procedure in data handling and serious maintenance of necessary policies, for example, restrict unauthorized users from damaging the digital information.


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