Free Proxy Forms


internationally acclaimed economist Milton Friedman was once quoted saying “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, and today witnessing is no less true. Another famous proverb is “Those who do not read are no better than those who can not”, but why am I telling you this?

Many people believe that they can get a proxy form, legal form used to appoint an agent to act on their behalf for free. No, unfortunately it is not so simple. Why? Read any free legal form of a website, and you are guaranteed to see the rejection. It will include something to the effect, the forms our sample only, and are for educational purposes. In fact, they are useless.

Keeping forms existing state laws, rules and hard work. As you probably already know the legislator’s state is steadily new regulations. To keep the forms existing laws and regulations in legal databases generated will be busy making sure their forms are state specific. Proxy forms are not exempt from this change.

So, what should I look for to ensure my power of attorney forms are present, and in accordance with the laws / regulations state’s? First you want to look for associations database that provides state specific forms. Second, look carefully for any disclaimers that basically say their forms are useless. Finally, look for a website which ensures that you will be satisfied with commissions generated gain. Keep an eye on these three things will save you a lot of headaches in the future.


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