Franchise Regulations VS Multi Level Marketing Songs


There is a huge gap between layers of Multi Level Marketing and franchise regulations. And it is also a huge gap enforcement. In fact, so much of the regulation of franchising, the regulators have really hurt America and entrepreneurship.

Franchise sales people are very closely control what they can and can not say. In fact, even if something is true they are not allowed to say it without empirical proof, proof that costs thousands of dollars to produce. Still MLM companies can have people sitting in cafes running off the mouth, telling everyone that it is a private “Franchise” and say what they want

You see like a real franchisor. a franchise, you need to pay $ 35,000 for the franchise documents, $ 40, OOO years for audit, $ 25,000 per year to be registered in all registration and notification States, yet these MLM people pay little or nothing and call their company “private -franchise “they did just these words? So why can not I call my, that’s a real franchise a “Private Franchise Washing Club” and drop all the rules? I you see. Or can I call it simply “franchise Religion” and drop all claims, like the Catholic Church, which resembles the franchise even more than modern franchise does.

We have double standards, that MLMs not track sales people and their government can call a real franchisor a “traitor” making false declarations filed against the founders and their business. A company founder may have worked all their lives to build up; Screw this crap. Where is the fair? It’s all a lie actually

So while we can talk about political reform in the media throughout the day. What about regulatory reform, bureaucracy reform? How can we call honest business man Crook and then let the 40,000 daily meetings at the cafe blowing smoke up rears unsuspecting newcomers MLM companies use trickery, drowsiness, dodging questions, etc. If the franchisor did in franchising, they would throw them in jail. And even if they did nothing wrong of the kind, and someone could say they did, how could anyone prove that they did not kick their dog? My dog ​​can not speak English; can your business? Think about this in 2006.


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