Follow or Behavior Change?


Compare your small easily digestible learning chunks, which enables content rich, relevant and easy to use, all this is very important, however, another factor to consider when developing e-learning is to ask yourself: “What is the terminal goal this course? “Usually there are two answers to this question; how you respond directs how to go about development. Replies generally fall into one of two categories … Employees must be able to pass the test to be consistent with some form of regulation, or the goal is to create behavioral changes in my staff that will eventually be transferred to their job and benefit. Where the answer falls in the spectrum dictate any web based training you create your organization, and making again will your view of e-learning investment.

Let’s start with training for compliance. This type of WBT usually has little or no interactivity, media stimulus and is primarily text and graphics based. Training will be relevant where there is a regulatory nature, and in most cases time employee will be dependent on staying consistent. The result for this type of training is for the student to be able to remember information for a test and passed. Return on investment is the employee keeps their job and the company does not incur penalties or fines for breach of contract.

Changes in behavior requires a different approach. In order to successfully change the behavior of the employee will be able to transfer the knowledge learned on the job skills. This brings me back to the main points that I mentioned at the outset, performing in small easily digestible learning chunks, making the content interactive, relevant and easy to use. Mix in some media stimulus and you’re on your way to engaging and effective E-learning that maximizes profitability. Returns may be a safer workplace, according to customer defined sales process and, of course, go on paper and in practice.

Before you start the next online course project ask yourself: “Is my goal to simply be compliant?” Or “Is my goal to actually change behavior?”


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