Fisher Control Valves


Fischer is easily the leader in providing reliable regulators, control valves, instrumentation and performance of services. Fisher offers innovative and carefully testicular solutions to process control industry play a major role to reduce costs by keeping the lid on maintenance, reducing capital, reduce the cost of regulatory compliance, and increase the supply process.

Fisher high-performance anti-surge valve is easy to implement and services. These valves are specially designed and modified to meet the specific needs and requirements of the compressor fight against the increase in applications that require the ultimate in control and reliability. No longer do you enable complex system requiring personnel authorized and music. Now the fight against surge Fisher is changing valve easy and can also save money on the following upgrades to repay the initial investment several times your high-performance valves life.

Manufacturers Fisher control valves understand exactly how to meet the fight against valve control components – motors, digital controller valve, the valve itself and other factors involved in an efficient and effective design that makes just as with engineering knowledge 125 years process control. Fishermen fights against surge valves are rightly to be the best in business, management and reliability

The anti surge FIELDVUE digital valve controller (DVC) has many new features -. Powerful pneumatic relay, rugged I / P converter, and potted electronics designed to protect it from rough environments. These valves are certified as being both explosion proof and safe. These valves in accordance with the requirements of the ATEX Directive in Europe and its enclosure meets NEMA 4X and IEC 60529 IP66 conditions.


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