Federal Records Act: Document Retention Schedules and best practices in setting defensible Policy


According to the Federal Records Act, develop a robust document retention plan is the best way to set up a defensible e-discovery strategy. There was a time when employers were unsure of what e-discovery laws they have to comply with, and what the legal requirements were to keep records and any employee records should be kept. However, these days most federal agencies take retention requirements and even government agencies have requirements and laws that must be followed. The law on public employers, government and subcontractors.

The only way to properly ensure you are in compliance with the law is to have the proper documentation retention program. E-Discovery songs specify that all messages between employees and the sending out of employees, the store files. In addition to email, all Word documents, Excel files, and various other files are admissible in court. These records will be regularly recorded and stored in a safe place or database. As recording the data, it has to be a specific plan detailing how long certain records be kept, and when they are removed.

When the court asks for these electronic files, companies must demonstrate that they were in accordance with the law before the request was sent. It is not enough to start to pick up and maintain a database of these files after the verdict comes in, because if that is the case then a hefty fine could be hitting your company. That is why the Federal Records Act encourages companies to have proper documentation retention plan.

with the right plan is not an easy task. Keep a list of paper documents is easy, because they can all be filed away. But when it comes to electronic documents, data must act carefully so it is not damaged or destroyed, and that no disturbance occurs in terms of day to day operations of the company. In order to have proper documentation retention plan, you will have a special team that is assigned the task of keeping electronic documents.

to court records retention program will not only keep you and your business on the right side of the law, but it will also save you a lot of money in the event of a court order. Many companies have been fined in the past, Morgan Stanley most prominent examples, not complying with the new law. Make sure your business is never put in a similar situation.


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