FDA sues Santa Claus Corporation of Candy Cane Label


The US FDA has filed a lawsuit in the Fourth District Court against the North Pole Santa Claus Corporation, and can consumers are outraged. Apparently, the agency has been cracking down on food labeling, and Santa Corps [NYSE symbol CHRS] has been individually wrapping each candy cane it distributes without labeling ingredients.

to close Bell CNBC’s Maria Bart Romo asked Santa Clause, but I thought everyone knew that Signature Branded candy canes were made of sugar and sweets?

“.. but of course they are made of candy and sugar,” said Santa Claus VII, CEO of Santa Claus Corporation, “what the hell do you think they are made, and we have had the same candy canes since 1907 when Santa Clause fifth, my great-grandfather was running the company, he saw, as you know who introduced Spiral red stripe, I have always considered one of the greatest innovations of the company, but now the FDA is suing us, and this could jeopardize Christmas “

Apparently, Rick Santelli has a theory that the big distributors sweets are worried that Santa Claus Corporations recent huge purchase of Sugar Futures is to reduce costs up to other parties candy and they lobbied to get the investigation started. At the same time, Glen Beck said he believed that this was a conspiracy by left winger liberal Socialists to steal Christmas, a “Christmas” is no longer politically correct anymore.

Lou Dobbs also made a comment, but was let go with the network over his condemnation lawsuit and socialist agenda. It is difficult to say whether it will be Christmas this year because of untimely lawsuit against the government this 150-year old company.


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