Employing Hospital Compliance Software to Manage JCAHO accreditation requirements


Accreditation is very important for organizations nowadays. Awards are given them managed to achieve the requirements of accreditation; Apart from congenital favor of making effective operating system in the organization to make more customers happy and then drive more profit to the company.

JCAHO Requirements and Benefits

most sought after accreditation for hospitals or JCAHO Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations. JCAHO food mainly check compliance in hospitals on the quality of service and security they provide to their patients. It aims to increase the quality of care given to patients and ensure patients’ rights are observed.

All hospitals compete for this type of recognition because it is one of the requirements of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to cover Medicaid / Medicare certification and are authorized to refund. And once the hospital is JCAHO accredited, it ensures its customers the best care and safety while at the hospital that breaks it gets citation for non – compliance. The noncompliance is corrected within a specified time corrective action to prevent revocation of accreditation of the hospital. Hospitals are strictly evaluated on their adherence to the standards set by the commission for accreditation. The present standards are discussed in depth in a comprehensive Accreditation Manual for hospitals (CAMH).

JCAHO accreditation process

However, achieving JCAHO accreditation is not easy. Most hospital administrators panic at the thought of JCAHO food especially these days food is unexpected. It also affects the medical and the rest of the staff because of the details that they would have to take into account.

The accreditation process includes on-site, without prejudice to a survey conducted by a survey team from the Joint Commission. It is done after every 18 to 39 months from the implementation of the survey. The survey assesses the actual care process from hospital care, treatment and services provided to patients. While doing so, employees are also informed and guided on how to start and to hospital performance improvement. With all this process is necessary to check the conformity of the hospital several documents.

Managing certification process

Documentation processes hospitals and improvements at all taken their toll on hospital staff. Without proper systems make it, the staff will either end up exhausted or other care and security process will remain undocumented. To avoid such situations, hospitals should employ hospital compliance software to streamline and manage care and operating performance. The good thing is the availability of hospital accreditation software that controls not only JCAHO accreditation but as well as other institutional accreditation.


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