Duties estate Paralegal


As a paralegal working in the law firm with a large real estate practice, your responsibilities could be from the collection of data and information necessary to complete the various documents transport, such as deeds or mortgages, to monitor mortgage foreclosures, handling real estate closings, view reports title and in some law offices, preparing and plotting legal description of the land.

In some countries, you will also prepare leases, land sales contracts, and secured contracts transaction, as well as drafting complaints, answers, and other documents. You may be dealing with illegal detainer or eviction procedures, such as attachment and companies and a quiet title action and partitions.

Because of this continuous contact with the operation and effect of the law on amendments to the nature of the purchase and sale, and transfer of real estate from one person to another, you should know the rules affecting ownership and transfer of real estate in your area

Some general duties Real Estate Paralegal could be :.

1. Donation data and information necessary to complete the various documents on the transfer of
2. Prepare contracts for the purchase and sale of land;
3. Preparation and planning legal descriptions of land
4. Preparation of work;
5. Preparation mortgages
6. Preparation of all types of leases
7. Examining reports the title, abstract or job title insurance binder
8. Preparation of the company for real estate closing. Use office closing price statement as a checklist for the information and documents you need to closure
9. Drafting complaints, answers and other legal pleadings (breach of contract for purchase by selling land, an action for specific performance of a contract to sell land, violation the easement rights, landlord-tenant actions)
10. Control of mortgage foreclosures
11. Preparation of mortgage contracts transaction costs, personal property is sold with the property, such as the sale of the company or sale of a residence with a caravan or selling a business real estate with movable equipment.

These are just a few examples and practice in real estate paralegal is always changing and expanding.


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