Document management systems Safeguard your business against disasters – Big and Small


You would not leave the office door open at night, vulnerable to theft or vandalism. But how safe is your business from other disasters – floods, fierce thunderstorm – or even an earthquake? A document management system that includes document scanning and storage of digital images and electronic files in a safe on-site electronic content management system will protect you from catastrophic losses if offices or equipment damage. When you digitally generated documents, you can store, manage, retrieve and distribute them directly from your computer 24×7. They will always be easy to access -. Even right after the hurricane blows through the building

In truth, the chances to carry out a major catastrophe is relatively low. But even less spectacular disasters can wreak havoc on your business. A fire in your house, the blackout in the middle of a hot summer, a crane crashing through offices can all stop your business dead in its tracks.

Unfortunately, over 60% of companies facing major disaster close within two years. There is a lot of companies that would easily avoid going out of business, they had introduced a secure web-based document management system.

A digital imaging and document management system provides disaster recovery, continuity and business peace of mind-knowing that you can

· Protect irreplaceable documents in a secure, fully- redundant, on-site facility.

· to ensure continuity of unexpected events.

· Access business-critical data 24X7, from any computer.

· reduce downtime and disruption to customers.

· Meet regulatory compliance requirements for document security.

You may be thinking that you have a disaster recovery plan if all data is backed up elsewhere. It’s great – you can reload them on your computer. But what about all the accounting files, HR files, contracts, proof-of-delivery papers and other business critical documents filed away in filing cabinets or stored in boxes? Ask yourself one simple question: “If a disaster hit close, how long would it take to get my business up and running again”

A secure, web-based document management system is surprisingly affordable, easy to use, and painless to implement. It does not require capital outlay, and can pay for itself in 6-12 months. Given its many other advantages – faster business processes, more efficient use of staff time, restore office by eliminating filing cabinets, cutting copying, printing, and other costs of paper, you’ll wonder why it took so long to go paperless


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