Customs and Shipping Fraud


Customs Fraud

For many individuals, businesses and companies, and shipping goods overseas is an important part of the revenue-making method. In addition, importing goods is a huge business in the United States and is an important part of the economy of our free-market. When it comes to import and export items to and from the United States, there are certain government fees and taxes that must be paid to make the whole process legal.

However, it is understood that people need to pay customs and shipping duties on items sent and received, there are certain companies and firms try to blackmail the federal government by avoiding such payments through illegal actions. These functions can be

· misrepresented the weight of items to send

· fake cost of items shipped or received

· misstating the contents of the package or the nature of the items sent to or received

· Send items to another country to avoid paying certain taxes, then have it sent to the destination from

While parties try to blackmail the federal government by avoiding paying certain obligations Ships may feel that they are simply to maximize profits for the company, the truth is that experts believe that the government loses hundreds of millions of dollars every year due to customs fraud.

When people consider where the money collected from shipping duties could have been used, they can realize that American taxpayers are truly the ones who suffer when fraudulent acts committed against the US dollar money that is not paid by ships should not be be used to improve the roads, highways, and other necessary infrastructure. Student loan programs and social projects lose money that could have benefited from community members.

The Federal False Claims Act allows private citizens to pursue legal action against persons who try to blackmail the United States if one is aware of a company or individual who is committing customs fraud, he or she may be able to pursue Qui Tam lawsuit on behalf of the federal government. By doing so, you may be able to put a stop to certain fraudulent acts and may be eligible for a reward for 15-30% of the money recovered by the federal government.

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