Could A bankrupt Corporation in the United States while fighting an extortion Regulatory lawsuit?


All too often we have seen the government rules bureaucracy attack company for philosophical and political ideology, in fact, it is happening more and more these days. Maybe you remember the days Elliot Spitzer when he was attorneys general in New York, many companies were upset and they said he used blackmail tactics, but it is impossible right, how could someone who graduated from Harvard Law and studied under Elizabeth Warren their use political influence and power to sols possess the law?

Good question, but I guess it happens, it is not. In retrospect, no one is surprised to know the history of Mr Spitzer, but at the time it hurt confidence in the system, something businesses and consumers need to have everything working. Now that AIG’s Hank Greenberg fought back, and today, more and more companies and Alpha Male founders of large companies billions of dollars are. They are fighting the SEC, FTC, FCC, and lawyers Generals across the nation. Most companies do not, after all, how can you fight the government with the ability to print money and tax people, never run out of money to pay his army of attorneys?

Well, why not look at Google, Exxon, Apple, Goldman Sachs and other companies and corporations in the United States. What happens when they start pushing back? This company with high market caps of them have a lot of money to fight. The government knows this, so it usually goes out for the company to settle without fine or penalty or taking wrong doing. Generally, it is better to settle than to waste money and years of court. Still, at some point some corporate is going to say; “Enough is enough,” and take it all the way. In this case, if the US government does not back off, they could literally face the financial crisis.

Now smaller countries and all their GDP is not anywhere near those companies that may trade in among other places. Today, the US Federal Government is powerful, robust, and can print unlimited money, but it will not always be the case. Nor are any of the largest corporations in America get something less, today they are growing, have a billion in retained earnings and a lot of money in the bank from the sale of corporate bonds.

At some point they are going to put these ideological bureaucrat political operatives in their place. It could end up costing American taxpayers plenty, and could perhaps be the straw that broke the camel’s back bankruptcy of our nation. Please consider all this, because today this is a futuristic sci fi storyline in the making, but it could be closer to reality in the future.


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