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The law covers consumer rights in Spain is clearly intended to protect consumers by informing them of their obligations to consumers.

We will explain how the law covers the price of products, services and restaurants along with the rights to exchange defective products and information about product liability and responsibility that must be followed by long lasting products

Product prices :. Prices of goods must be clearly visible using tags or labels. The price appear on the taxes and fees, if there are any

service will be :. Services prices must be indicated by signs or lists, it is understood that the price includes taxes, unless. otherwise indicated

Restaurant price : For restaurants, the price will occur both inside and outside the premises. Bars need only show prices within a residential

Exchanges :. When you buy a product, you have the right to exchange the product or request a full refund if the product is defective. If any damage was produced by the fault, you can also claim compensation

Warranty / Long-lasting products :. Products pervasive nature must be guaranteed by a document from the manufacturer. By law, the guarantee must be at least 2 years and the guarantee of a document should be clearly stated:

  • product that is guaranteed
  • Identify the controller, which can be a producer or importer of the product
  • holder responsible or purchaser of the product
  • Guarantee rights holder
  • National validity of the guarantee

Which products are considered chronic?

  • Electrical, electro-technical, electronic and computer equipment and software of
  • Clocks and watches, optical, photographic, instruments and materials
  • tools, knives, utensils, and other products common metal
  • household goods, accessories and things for the home
  • vehicles and their spare parts
  • Toys, games, hobbies and sports items Housing

While the guarantee is in effect, the buyer has the right to:

  • Total of free repair of defects in the product
  • benefits, if any damage was produced by the fault of
  • Travel, accessories, parts or labor can not pay the buyer

If the repair is not complete and the product is not satisfactory conditions to use in the best conditions, the consumer has the right to replace the product for another with at least the same symptoms or a full refund of the price paid.

Manufacturers must ensure the availability and supply of spare parts for a minimum of 5 years from the date the product left the factory.

Finally, if a breakdown is the result of misuse by the consumer or treatment of third party rights guarantee are made and repairs must be paid for the product or service.


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