CE Marking and EMC Directive


The EMC Directive applies to the vast majority of electrical and electronic equipment sold in the EU. Radio, Telecommunications and equipment to be installed on aircraft are excluded from the EMC requirements for these products fall under more directives.

One change in 2004/108 / EC directive is that it does not rule out more military equipment, which was exempt under the old 89/336 / EC Directive. Her standards have a reputation for being more stringent than the standard solution – this is often true for some phenomenon, although there are others that are commercial standards that are not present in Military standards or not required by customers. When CE marking product There are no “optional” phenomenon -. The assessment must be made against all emissions and immunity applies to a particular product

The EMC Directive requires equipment to be designed and manufactured so that

  • electromagnetic interference generated by the equipment is not excessive as radio, telecommunications and other equipment work
  • equipment has a level of immunity that allows it to operate without unacceptable degradation in performance when used as intended.

There are two main ways in which the manufacturer can demonstrate compliance with the Directive for making the declaration of conformity and affix the CE marking

  • Rate product against harmonized standards and provide technical documentation detailing how the equipment meets all the standards. This can be done on a single product or range of products. The evaluation of a range of products, precise technical arguments can be used to greatly reduce the amount of testing required and reduce the overall cost of compliance
  • Draw up a technical file detailing how the product is in compliance with Directive and get a formal opinion of the body meets the EMC Directive. This method is often done when a new type of product is developed that can not fit under the current harmonized standards.


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